August Break. Day 18. Younger Me.

Me and my twin sister Bonnie playing in front of our house. We lived on a hill a few miles away from a small Wisconsin town. The house was surrounded by trees and it was a lovely place to grow up. #augustbreak2018


August Break 2018 Day 17 “#reallife”

The word prompt for day 17 was #reallife.  Kind of a quiet day – after work I got a car wash.  Not exciting, but it was real life and actually a car wash is quite nice.  Sitting in the car and hearing the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh as the car wash progresses.  Quite relaxing.  It’s real life.  #reallife #augustbreak2018 carwash.jpg

August Break Day 15 Cat

cat.jpgHere’s Evelyn. She’s no longer with us (now she’s in kitty heaven). She’s quite adorable, but she made it no secret that she preferred my twin sister Bonnie over me. When she moved in she sized up the two of us and decided she would be Bonnie’s cat. From then on, she never hid the fact that she really didn’t think I added much value to her life. But you gotta love a cat who does that. #augustbreak2018

August Break Day 14 “I Love”

I love that moment when you are surprised with a photo you love.  A few years back, I did a lot of nature photography and I took some very nice photos.  Not perfect but many said I had a “good eye” and there were moments I could see a photo in my mind and capture it.  These days my passion for photography has diminished but that’s okay.  There was a reason for such a solitary endeavor and now I have moved to other endeavors.  But I’ll always have those photos and there will occasionally be moments I’ll take a photo I like.  I came across this deer in a somewhat residential area, but she was in a little tree filled areaDeer and we looked at each other calmly before she slipped in to the woods.  It’s always been one of my favorites.  The layers of color and light and the look in her eyes.  #augustbreak2018 #deer #photography #ilove

Day 7 Five Things About Me.

Road .JPEG1. I like living in the city, but I’m glad I grew up in the country among good people and the rolling Wisconsin hills. With four seasons that taught you the patient pace of seasons. 2. My mother taught me the art of simplicity. It’s elegant and refreshing and usually the best choice. 3. I think it’s okay to have a calm life. 4. Weekly water aerobics and yoga classes are fun and give me energy. 5. If I could take off one month a year I would choose October. #augustbreak2018